Day Programs







Day Programs have been keeping very busy exploring beautiful areas around our local district.  Being active out in the community gives are participants a lot of enjoyment. The days seem to go very fast with lots to see and do.  Creating these opportunities to meet individual life goals is very important to the staff supporting our crew.


The smiles on faces tell a thousand words when out working on the farm.  From fencing, working with cattle, picking apples from the apple orchard, helping at sheering time, checking the sheep along with lots more makes for a very busy day.  A farmer’s work is never finished and there is always a lot to do.  Our crew like to keep very busy.







Health and well-being plays a big part in our day to day activities.  Promoting a healthy life style and including this in our programs we find to be very important.  At the same time keeping it exciting for the enjoyment of everyone







Music is a great way to get everyone involved.  From singing, playing drums, playing the bongo, tambourine or guitar even dancing with friends is a great way to build self-confidence.

This program has continued to be very popular for many years with everyone involved getting a lot of satisfaction out of learning to play along with the group.

Kyeema’s Day Programs has its centre of operations at 50 Lalor Street, with activities there and in the community.

Bernie Stiles is the Day Programs Manager.

Thirty-eight people are supported by fifteen permanent staff and a number of casual staff.

Hours of operation are 9 am to 3 pm weekdays.

Within the centre are a variety of arts, crafts, music, gardening,  information technology, woodwork, cooking and exercise activities.

Community facilities used for recreation and exercise include:
• Gym and Swim at the YMCA and the PLACE
• Bowls at the RSL Bowling Club
• Riding for the Disabled Australia (RDA) and Equine Education
• The Fawthrop Lagoon Nature walk and many of the other beautiful places that surround us in the Glenelg Shire

For educational pursuits we have:
• Workskills for computers, cooking and literacy
• TAFE for art, media, health
• The Neighbourhood House for specialist topics

A variety of community work/community involvement is carried out weekly:
• Beach clean-up each week
• RSPCA animal shelter
• Meals on Wheels
• A local farm

Sam Dave Luke kayaking on Portland Harbour

Upcoming Important Dates

Thursday 18 April
Day Programs Finish at normal time on
Thursday 18 April for Easter Holiday Break
Friday 19 April
Public Holiday – Good Friday (no Clients or Staff)
Monday 22 April
Public Holiday – Easter Monday (no Clients or Staff)
Tuesday 23 April
Admin / Short Term Accommodation / Seawinds and Windward return to work
Tuesday 23 April – Friday 26 April
Day Programs Easter Holiday Break
(no Day Programs Clients this week)
Thursday 25 April
Public Holiday – Anzac Day (no Clients or Staff)
Monday 29 April
Day Programs recommence (Staff and Clients return)
Wednesday 22 May
Family and Carer’s Catch-up – 1:00pm at Ameeyk

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